A Review of Abdu'l-Hamid Ishraq Khavari's Moházirát (a three volume book)

By Muin Afnani

First presented at the Irfan Colloquia Session #123
Bosch Baha'i School: Santa Cruz, CA
May 22–25, 2014
(see list of papers from #123)

    One of the most interesting set of books that Mr. Abdul-Hamid Ishraq-khavari has authored in Persian is the three volumes of Moházirát (literally meaning Lectures, but more appropriately perhaps could be called Dialogues). Two of the three volumes were published during his life time, and the third volume has been published recently. The books are portrayed as dialogues taking place among few Bahá'í­s who gather on weekly basis to study and discuss different Bahá'í­ as well as other topics, but in reality the gatherings were imaginary; the author has chosen this mode of expression to present information.

    This work is a repository of knowledge and information on various aspects mostly related to the study of the Bahá'í­ Faith. In this work, we come across a collection of Tablets and Letters from the Holy Figures of the Faith on various topics that the author transcribed from unpublished manuscripts, some of which have not been seen in any other published book. Additionally, the books offer research information on well over 200 themes, covering an amazing range of topics from history, literature, mystical Writings, theological concepts, historical and prominent figures, explanation of scriptures, and so forth. This presentation attempts to introduce these three volumes, and give a brief review of their important and informative contents.

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