Papers delivered at the ‘Irfán Colloquium Session #66 ( فارسی )

Bosch Bahá'í School: Santa Cruz, California USA

May 25–29, 2006.

Theme: "Bahá'í Belief System: Conceptual Analysis and Practical Applications"

فلسفه مينيماليسم و امر بهايی

(Minimalism and the Baha'i Faith)

by Mahyad Zaerpoor-Rahnamaie

Also presented in English.

پاسخ به اعتراضات و حملات و شبهات جاری نسبت به امر و جامعه بهايی

(Response to ongoing protests against attacks on the community)

by Muin Afnani

"نظری بر پيام " ظهور عدل الهی

(Comments on The Advent of Divine Justice)

by Houshmand Fatheazam

مروری بر مفاهيم و مندرجات لوح بشارات

(An overview of the concepts and content of the Lawh-i-Bashar)

by Ala Ghods

مروری بر مفاهيم من يظهره الّله و مظهر ظهور الهی در آثار بابی و بهايی

(An overview of the concepts of God and the Manifestation of God in the Babi and Baha'i Writings)

by Ghasem Bayat

"مروری بر مندرجات "دور بهايی

(Overview of the Baha'i teachings)

by Sima Quddusi

مروری بر سوابق و محتويات لوح غنا

(An overview of the history and contents of Bahá'u'lláh's Lawh-i-Ghana)

by Ala Ghods

معتقدات بهائی در معرض نقد يا مخالفت؟

by Iraj Ayman

آيا تمدن سرزمين چين محروم از تعاليم مربيان الهی بوده است؟

(Has China been deprived of instructors in Divine Civilization? )

by Heshmat Shahriari

اهداف و وظايف محافل روحانی

(Aims and objectives of Spiritual Assemblies)

by Iraj Ayman

طرح حضرت عبدالبها برای ايرانی آباد

by Iraj Khademi