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Huququ'llah, Zakat, and Khums   e Vahid Behmardi English 4 The roots of these three laws are to be found in the Qur'an. They were developed by the Bab in the Bayan, and subsequently by Baha'u'llah in the Kitab-i-Aqdas and some of His other writings. However many details were left unmentioned in order to have the Universal House of Justice introduce legislation on the matter in accordance to the circumstanc...  
لوح کلّالطّعام نازل از قلم اعلی در دارالسّلام   e The Tablet Kullu Ta'ám, revealed by the Most Great Pen in Baghad Vahid Behmardi فارسی - Safini3  
لوح مبارک جواهر الاسرار   e The Blessed Tablet 'Gems of Divine Mysteries' Vahid Behmardi فارسی - Safini2  
چهار نکته مختصر راجع به رساله ابن ذئب   e Four brief notes on the Epistle to the Son of the Wolf Vahid Behmardi فارسی - Safini5  
اجازه نامه سید کاظم رشتی برای ملا عبدالخالق یزدی   e Siyyid Kázim Rashtá's Decree Authorizing 'Abdu'l-Kháliq-i-Yazdi to Practice Islamic Jurisprudence Vahid Behmardi فارسی - Safini7  
ب: چهل بیت از یک مثنوی تاریخی ناتمام از نبیل زرندی   e Vahid Behmardi فارسی - Safini5  
ج: نامه ای تاریخی از میرزا ابوالفضل گلپایگانی به آقا محمد مصطفی بغدادی   e History of Mirza Aqa Muhammad Mustafa Baghdadi and Abu'l-Fadl Gulpaygani Vahid Behmardi فارسی - Safini5  
د – نامهای از میرزا موسی آقای کلیم به ذبیح کاشانی   e Vahid Behmardi فارسی - Safini4  
صحیفۀ بینالحرمین   e Study of the Báb's Sahífiy-i-Baynu'l-Haramayn: The Epistle Between the Two Shrines Vahid Behmardi فارسی 6 Safini1