All papers by Lambden, and Habib Raizati


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There is 1 paper by Lambden, and Habib Raizati

TitleTitle translationAuthor 1Author 2LanguageSessionPublishedAbstractonline
Panel Presentation on "Qayyúmu'l-Asmá'" Muin Afnani Stephen Lambden, and Habib Raizati English 46 The Qayyúm al-Asma' of the Bab, with special reference to the Súrat al-Mulk (QA.1 'The Surah of the Dominion') and the Surat Husayn (QA. 5 'The Surah of Husayn') Stephen N. Lambden The Qayyúm al-Asma' is the first major work of Sayyid 'Ali Muhammad the Bab (1819-1850 CE) which he commenced at the time of his declaration to Mul...