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Lawh-i-Sultán: Tablet to the King of Persia   e Manuchehr Salmanpour English 18 The Lawh-i-Sultan of Iran, Baha'u'llah's Tablet to Nasiri'd-Din Shah, is the longest among several of His letters addressed to the kings and rulers of the world. This Tablet has been revealed partly in the Persian and partly in the Arabic languages. It was revealed in Adrianople and dispatched to the Sultan from 'Akka. It deals with various relig...  
مفاهیم نار در آثار حضرت بهاءاللّه   e Meanings of "Fire" in the Baha'i Sacred Texts Manuchehr Salmanpour فارسی 6 Safini2  
مروری بر لوح مبارک سلطان ایران   e Manuchehr Salmanpour فارسی - Safini3  
مروری بر مواضیع اساسی لوح مبارک حکمت   e Overview of the Tablet of Wisdom (Lawh-i-Hikmat) Manuchehr Salmanpour فارسی - Safini4  
مروری بر مواضیع زیارتنامۀ حضرت سید الشهداء   e Overview of the issues of the Tablet of Visitation for the Martyrs Manuchehr Salmanpour فارسی - Safini5  
رسالۀ حضرت ربّ اعلی در شرح حدیث من عرف نفسه فقد عرف ربّه   e Manuchehr Salmanpour فارسی - Safini1