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Concept of "Process" in the Baha'i Writings   e Vargha Taefi English 62 read online  
Consensus Decision-Making: Bahá'í Perspective   e Vargha Taefi English 89 This paper reviews the historical development of multilateral diplomacy and highlights the main systems of group decision—making employed by major international players among organizations and corporations. It then analyses different parameters, advantages and disadvantages of each of these prominent decision—making methods from voting sy...  
Just War: From the Bahá'í Perspective   e Vargha Taefi English 69 This paper introduces the subordination of the individual will to that of the society as the social philosophy of the Baha'i faith hence the consequences and implications of this attitude in the Baha'i writings. Some Baha'i views will therefore be discussed compared to those of contemporary international political theory such as "Just War Theory" a... read online  
Towards Building a Teaching Strategy: Abdul-Bahá's Public Addresses in the West   e Vargha Taefi English 104 In His public addresses in the West, our Beloved Master has clearly set before us an example1of a teaching strategy. In this paper we try to use our analysis of `Abdul-Baha's language when speaking to various types of audience, level of emphasis on common views or differences, description of the Baha'i Faith, His usage of certain notions, method...