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"Auferstehung": die Unsterblichkeit des Logos und die Wirklichkeit nach der Wirklichkeit. Eine transreligiöse Interpretation aus Bahai-Perspektive   e Resurrection: The immortality of the Word and the reality of reality: An inter-religious interpretation of Bahai Perspective Thomas von Lutterotti Deutsch 126  
Elements of Immortality: A Nexus of Proofs by `Abdu'l-Bahá in Some Answered Questions   e James B. Thomas English 88 This paper will approach this marvelous mystery in four steps that are based on objective reasoning by `Abdu'l-Baha. [I] The spirit of man is examined; [2] An investigation of immortality of the spirit is pursued; [3] The proof with respect to progress after death is corroborated; [4] Entrance into the Kingdom of God is explicated. read online  
Entombed in a Dead Language: The Saints Raising out of their Graves   e Thomas May English 2 Bahaiuillah tells us of the two-fold language of scripture: the clear and the obtuse, the literal and the symbolic: "... this symbolic language, more eloquent than any speech, however direct . . . " A small, but increasing, number of Christian scholars also expound this understanding; but for the vast majority, ecclesiastics, academia and lay alik...  
Exposition of the Tablet of the World (Lawh-i-Dunyá), An   e James B. Thomas English 40 Lights4 In an effort to fully appreciate the historical significance of the Tablet of the World, this essay first portrays the developing conditions in Persia and in the world that preceded the Lawh-i-Dunya. It then expounds the salient points of the Tablet. In Iran, the leading Divines objected to anything western in spite of obvious technological achiev... read online  
Exposition on the Fire Tablet by Bahá'u'lláh (Lawh-i-Qad Ihtaráqa'l-Mukhlisun): An Exegesis   e James B. Thomas English 34 Lights3 This tablet reveals a mystical intercourse between the twin stations of Baha'u'llah, human and divine, that expresses a powerful message of victory and great promise. To understand the Fire Tablet it is essential to know of events and conditions pertaining to the Baha'i Faith that preceded the time of the writing of the tablet. In Adrianople, Mirza... read online  
Mystery of Divinity, The: Traditional Views in Comparison to those in Some Answered Questions   e James Thomas English 95 Lights12 In the normal course of events we share an endless chain of ideas with the use of definitive terms in efforts to get our points across whether metaphorical or real. And we do this with great confidence in our own understanding of such terms. Even the parameters of uncertainty can be described with clarity in terms of probability when dealing with a... read online  
Overture to Universal Peace: An exposition based on the talk by `Abdu'l-Bahá, New York City, December 4, 1912   e James Thomas English 102 A century ago the Baha'i Faith "lit up the western sky" with a fresh new way of presenting spiritual proofs as articulated by `Abdu'l-Baha that began when He set forth upon the shores of the North American Continent. At the conclusion of His epic journey to America in 1912, He presented an address that touched on a series of subjects which clarifie... read online  
Rise of justice in the spiritual and secular life of man, The: An exposition on excerpts from The Advent of Divine Justice by Shoghi Effendi   e James Thomas English 74 Lights9 read online  
Seeds of Revelation and the Mystic Bond Between the Báb and Bahá'u'lláh: An Exposition on Excerpts From The Persian Bayán   e James B. Thomas English 60 Lights7 In the Persian Bayan, the Bab advised His followers on a number of subjects about essential elements of faith that covered a broad spectrum. They included attributes, conditions, warnings, spiritual reality, principles, nature of prayer, expectations, relationships of Divine Messengers, proofs, the nature of God and the meaning of eternity. This pa... read online  
Service, Joy and Sacrifice: An Essay on Commentaries by 'Abdu'l-Baha'   e James B. Thomas English 46 Lights5 Throughout the many talks that 'Abdu'l-Baha gave to all types of audiences in His travels, He consistently interspersed the subjects of service and sacrifice. These presuppose basic choices that one must make in changing one's life from predominately self interest to one of sharing. Moreover, such sharing and service must occur well beyond ... read online  
Shoghi Effendi, Ubiquitous Talisman of the Faith   e James Thomas English 67 Lights8 read online  
Signs of Prophethood: An exposition on a Tablet by `Abdu'l-Bahá   e James B. Thomas English 53 Lights6 In a rather short but particularly moving and powerful tablet `Abdu'l-Baha defines a series of signs that show incontrovertible evidence of the Lord of Hosts. In a compressed form they cover a vast array of proofs as they apply to the reality of a Divine Messenger in the person of Baha'u'llah. This paper elaborates upon the ramifications of the ext... read online  
The Organic Function of Prophecy in Baha'i Context: An essay in memoriam of the hundredth anniversary of `Abdu'l-Bahá's journey to America with excerpts from Some Answered Questions and other religious scriptures   e James B. Thomas English 109 In this, the twelfth year of the twenty first century, the world scene is dauntingly confusing and one may wonder why this is so when we have such abundance of material bounty at our disposal. The Middle East is in turmoil with issues of extreme wealth versus abject poverty, oppression and sectarian violence. Some European countries are on the edge...  
World Peace and Promise of World Peace   e James Thomas English 81 This paper is advanced in four steps: (1) A statement of the problem regarding world peace is presented in the form of a challenge facing mankind that must be clearly identified as the most critical before any strategy for achieving peace can be defined, (2) needs are described and remedies put forth for possible solutions in vanquishing the barrie... read online