About the ‘Irfán Colloquium session #51 (English)

Louhelen Bahá'í School: Michigan USA

October 10–13, 2003.



'Irfán Colloquium and Seminar provide special opportunities for gaining deeper and systematic knowledge of the sacred Writings and the fundamental principles of the Baha'i beliefs. It will be held at Louhelen Baha'i School in Michigan from 10 to 13 October, 2003. Presentations at the seminar include the Book of Bayan, Commentary on Suriy-i Val-Asr; and Sermon at Jeddah from the Writings of the Báb, Tablet of Universe (Aflakiyyih), a Tablet Addressed to Abu'l-Fadl Gulpayigani in relation to the ascension of Bahá'u'lláh, Commentary on Hadith-i-Kuntu-Kanz, and Image of Christ in the Writings of Abdu'l-Bahá, as well as "Historical Background of Bahá'u'lláh's Tablet of Qina"; "The Concept and Significance of 'Manifestation' in the Writings of the Báb"; "Strong Readers of Sacred Texts: Explorations of a Babi-Baha'i Semiotics."; "Models and Idols: Towards a New Philosophy of Community of Mind", and "An early Shayhki Reaction to the Claims of the Báb: Refutation of the Qayyumu'l-Asmá in Izháqu'l-Batil."

Presentations will be made by Dr. Muhammad Afnan, Dr. Muin Afnani, Maryam Afshar, Vahid Brown, Shahbaz Fatheazam, Mona Iman, Moojan Khadem, Stephen Lambden, William McCants, Sholeh Quinn and Habib Riazati.

Irfán Colloquium in Persian language will be simultaneously held at Louhelen Baha'i School.

All those attending the sessions of the Colloquium and Seminar are respectfully required to pay a registration fee of $40.00 and receive the package of publications and documents for personal study and reference.

For registration and reservation please contact:

Louhelen Baha'i School
3208 South State Road
Davison, MI 48423-8603
Tel: 810-653-5033
Fax: 810-653-7181
E-Mail: LOUHELEN@usbnc.org