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Alchemy in the Baha'i Writings: An Introduction   e Vahid Brown English 65  
Alchemy in the Baha'i Writings: An Introduction   e Vahid Brown English 67  
Andalusí Theosophy: A Recontextualization   e J. Vahid Brown English - Lights7 read online  
Autobibliography in the Writings of the Báb: An Analysis of the Sources and their Theological Significance   e J. Vahid Brown English 58 Lights6 This paper will discuss four of the Bab's autobibliographical works; the Kitab al-Fihrist, al-Kitab al-`Ulama, al-Khutba al-Dhikriyya, and al-Khutba fi'l-Jidda. I will relate my analysis of these texts to antecedents in Islamic - and especially Shi`i - literatures, with regard to the theological significance of bibliography, and ultimately to the B... read online  
Cosmos and Chaos: Myth, Creation, and the Bahá'í Administrative Order   e J. Vahid Brown English 38 Lights3 One of the most significant developments in the 20th century study of religion has been the increasing attention given to the importance of myth, a term used here in its sense of "sacred narrative". As an instrument in the structuring of a coherent and foundational worldview, myth has been shown to be essential to the perception of continuity betwe... read online  
How Bahá'u'lláh Taught Christians: The Rhetoric and Pedagogy of Bahá'u'lláh's Writings to Followers of Jesus Christ   e Ted Brownstein English 20 In order to create a real unity among the followers of the world's religions, the message of Baha'u'llah had to go beyond verbal affirmations of unity. Members of those religions would have to hear and accept the station of Baha'u'llah. Christianity, as the world's largest and most wide-spread religion, could not be ignored. How did Baha'u'llah p... read online  
Out of Jewish Roots: Studies of Prayer Patterns in Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Bahá'í Worship   e Ted Brownstein English 65 Lights7 read online  
Qayyum al-Asma` as mytho-historical symbol in the Writings of Shoghi Effendi   e J. Vahid Brown English 44  
Quaternities of the Writings of the Bab: A Study in Babi and Baha'i Symbolism   e J. Vahid Brown English 44  
Strong Readers of Sacred Texts: Babi-Bahá'i Semiotics   e J. Vahid Brown English 51  
Textual Resurrection: Book, Imam, and Cosmos in the Qur'án Commentaries of the Báb   e J. Vahid Brown English 53 Lights5 The Bab was a strong reader - some would say a strange reader - of the canonical texts of Islam. The bulk of his earliest writings were in the form of commentaries on these texts. In my presentation, I will discuss the radical notions of textuality underlying the Bab's Qur'anic commentaries. Drawing upon categories from contemporary literary studi... read online