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Divine Origin of the Bahá'í Faith   e Fares Hedayati English 93 On May 7th of this year, Mr. Ataollah Mohajerani , former minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance in the cabinet of Mr. Mohammad Khatami, called the Baha'i faith a semi-religion or a "man-made" religion. This occurred in a press conference in Berlin. He further asserted that he came to this conclusion by reading the Book of Certitude and the Book ...  
Immortality and the Afterlife: Some Christian, Bahá'i, and Modern Western Secular Perspectives   e Fariba Hedayati English 12 One part of this paper discussed cryonics (freezing people at the point of death in the hope that in the future they can be thawed and revived) and its possible implications for Baha'i theology.