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Attributes of Abdu'l-Baha seen through the eyes of two westerners: Lady Blomfield and Howard Colby Ives   e Mona Khademi English 100 One way of looking at `Abdu'l-Baha's legacy is by retelling of anecdotes about His encounters with the diverse array of those whom he met, taught and counseled in the course of his journeys. Such accounts have significance as inspirational literature. Accounts of `Abdu'l-Baha's activities tell us what His words and actions meant to those who witnes...  
Glimpses into the Life of Laura Dreyfus-Barney: Part 2   e Mona Khademi English 83 See Part 1, above.  
Glimpses into the Life of Laura Dreyfus-Barney: Part 1   e Mona Khademi English 83 Lights10 This paper is an attempt to present glimpses into the life of Laura Dreyfus-Barney (1879-1974), a keenly intelligent woman with an inquisitive mind. She made several trip to Akka and during her visits requested 'Abdu'l-Baha, who was confined to prison at that time, clarifying a number of points for her. Her greatest achievement was the publication ... read online  
Laura Barney Dreyfus, Author of Some Answered Questions   e Mona Khademi English 86  
نگاهی به زندگی لورا دریفوس– بارنی   e Mona Khademi فارسی - Safini12 read online  
سیر کمال در اشعار مولوی   e Surih-i-Kamal in Rumi's Poetry Iraj Khademi فارسی 73  
طرح حضرت عبدالبها برای ايرانی آباد   e Iraj Khademi فارسی 66