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Bahá'i Theology and a Global Theology of Religion   e Zaid Lundberg English 42  
Bedrock of Bahá'í Belief, The: The Doctrine of Progressive Revelation   e Zaid Lundberg English 22 Lights1 According to Ninian Smart, the doctrinal dimension is (together with the experiential, mythic, ethical, ritual, and social) a major dimension of any religion. Thus, it is arguably true that doctrinal studies (usually known as "systematic theology," or "dogmatism") are crucial for understanding and developing a Baha'i theology. Compared to the other... read online  
Chain of Prophecy, The: Progressive Revelation as a Theory of Relativity   e Zaid Lundberg English 18 Lights3 From a scientific perspective, the 19-20th centuries witnessed unprecedented paradigm shifts with the emergence of the theory of evolution and the quantum and relativity theories. Today, these three highly successful theories are well established, but in combination, they have radically altered the scientific understanding of man and nature. The th... read online  
Defining Bahá'í: A Sect, a New and Independent World Religion, or the Changeless Faith of God?   e Zaid Lundberg English 28 Who is to define whether Baha'i is an Islamic sect, a new religious movement, a religion, a new and independent world religion, or the changeless Faith of God? According to some researchers (Pike & Harris) one useful and important methodological distinction is that between the emic (insider) and etic (outsider) perspectives. Hence, any religious co...  
New Age Movement and the Bahá'i Faith   e Zaid Lundberg English 14 Lights1 Although the New Age Movement (NAM) has been promulgated by its adherents and has been severely attacked by the Evengelical Churches during a few decades in this century, the NAM has only recently caught the attention of various scholars of religion. Some have noted that it is basically a western and perhaps postmodern phenomenon while others st... read online