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Chinese Tea and Spiritual Wayfaring in the Early Writings of the Bab   e William McCants English 58 Iranians knew of Chinese tea as early as the eleventh century AD and had started drinking it by the thirteenth century, after the Mongol invasion. However, coffee, not tea, was the beverage of choice for most Iranians until the nineteenth century, when there was a sudden, large-scale conversion to tea drinking. It is still unclear why this shift oc...  
Early Shaykhi Reaction to the Claims of the Bab, An   e William McCants English 51  
Tablet of Visitation for the Báb   e William McCants English 38 Lights3 Most Baha'is know of only one Tablet of Visitation for the Bab, which is comprised of several brief selections from Baha'u'llah's writings compiled by Nabil at the request of `Abdu'l-Baha. In a well-known volume of Persian and Arabic Tablets, however, there exists a hitherto untranslated Tablet of Visitation revealed by Baha'u'llah for the Bab. The... read online  
Uncovering the Secret of the Line (sirr as-satr)   e William McCants English 44 See a later, expanded version of this paper at