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There are 5 papers by Akerdahl

TitleTitle translationAuthor 1Author 2LanguageSessionPublishedAbstractonline
Bahá'i World Centre, seen from the perspective of the history of the religions Per Akerdahl English 14 One reason for building religious centres is their function as symbols of the visions of that faith. A building or group of buildings has not only a practical function, but it has a message to people. This is true for any building and it is certainly true for religious buildings. The central buildings of a religion must carry all the symbols necess...  
Buddhism and the Baha'i Faith Akerdahl Peo-Olloff English 125  
Practice of Pilgrimage, The: A Comparative Review Per-Olof Akerdahl English 18 Lights1 Pilgrimage is an expression of religious belief that exists in most religions throughout history. It has been an important part in the creation of a religious identity, as it has made it possible for the individual believer to show his or her identity in practical life and to come closer to the centre of revelation of that religion. Those religion... read online  
Reflections on the Memorials of the Faithful: From the Background of Early Christian Experiences Per-Olof Akerdahl English 132 Memorials of the Faithful is a unique book for many reasons. A number of early Babis and Baha'is have been described in this book and they have all been faithful to the Covenant in the Faith. The author is 'Abdu'l-Baha, the Centre of the Covenant in the Baha'i Faith, which means that the stories are told by a person Who was in a position where he...  
Solution to the Ethnic Identity Problems in Swedish Schools with the Help of Bahá'í Material, A Per Akerdahl English 28 The center of the Christian Syrian community in Sweden in the town of Sodertalje, situated 45 kilometers southwest of Stockholm. The Syrian-Orthodox church in this town has two bishops who are spiritual guides to a community of growing affluence. The reaction of the majority community of ethnic Swedes has not always been positive to this influx of ...