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There are 3 papers by Badee

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Analytical perspective of economic impact of unity, An Hooshmand Badee English 146 Unity of humankind is Baha'u'llah's main mission. This analytical presentation focuses on economic consequences of unity. Economists are concerned about the opportunity cost of resources allocated to war, in both real and monetary values. As unity prevails, resources and in particular human resources become more useful, productive and creative, le...  
Inquiry on the Role of Religion in Wealth and Poverty, An Hooshmand Badee English - Lights18 In theory, the spirit of all Faiths is upholding the well-being of all people, believers and non-believers, and therefore a coherence of material and spiritual development is prescribed in all Holy Scriptures. The presentation will identify possible areas where religion has contributed to the debate on wealth creation and poverty eradication. Final... read online  
Some Reflections on the Principle of Unity/Oneness Hooshmand Badee English - Lights19 read online