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There are 7 papers by Ghods-Jourabchi

TitleTitle translationAuthor 1Author 2LanguageSessionPublishedAbstractonline
میثاق الهی در مسیر تاریخ Covenant in the Course of History Ala Ghods-Jourabchi فارسی - Safini13 Part 2 of 2, of "Two Studies on `Abdu'l-Baha's Tablets of One Thousand Verses." read online  
موضوع "جرم، مجرم، Ùˆ مجازات" در کتاب مفاوضات On the Subject of “The Crime, the Criminal, and the Punishment" in Some Answered Questions Ala Ghods-Jourabchi فارسی - Safini12 read online  
مروری بر لوح غوغا از آثار قلم اعلیٰ A Contents Review of Lawh-i-Ghawghá (A Tablet Addressed to Ghawghá) Ala Ghods-Jourabchi فارسی - Safini15 read online  
تکمله بر سخنی در باره لوح قناع Addendum to "A preliminary Study of Bahá'u'lláh's Tablet of the Veil" Faruq Izadinia Ala Ghods-Jourabchi فارسی - Safini13 See the first article in Safini-yi Irfan volume 12. read online  
سوابق Ùˆ مظامین لوح عمّه The Background and Contents of the Tablet of the Aunt (Lawh-i-`Ammih) Ala Ghods-Jourabchi فارسی - Safini8  
سخنی در بارۀ لوح قناع A Word About Bahá’u’lláh’s Tablet of the Veil Ala Ghods-Jourabchi فارسی - Safini12 read online  
سخنی در بارة لوح ملاّّ عبدالرزاق A review of Bahá’u’lláh’s Tablet to Mulla `Abdu’r-Razzáq Alá Ghods-Jourabchi فارسی 59 Safini11 read online