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میثاق الهی در مسیر تاریخ   e Covenant in the Course of History Ala Ghods-Jourabchi فارسی - Safini13 Part 2 of 2, of "Two Studies on `Abdu'l-Baha's Tablets of One Thousand Verses." read online  
موضوع "جرم، مجرم، و مجازات" در کتاب مفاوضات   e On the Subject of “The Crime, the Criminal, and the Punishment" in Some Answered Questions Ala Ghods-Jourabchi فارسی - Safini12 read online  
مروری بر لوح غوغا از آثار قلم اعلیٰ   e A Contents Review of Lawh-i-Ghawghá (A Tablet Addressed to Ghawghá) Ala Ghods-Jourabchi فارسی - Safini15 read online  
تکمله بر سخنی در باره لوح قناع   e Addendum to "A preliminary Study of Bahá'u'lláh's Tablet of the Veil" Faruq Izadinia Ala Ghods-Jourabchi فارسی - Safini13 See the first article in Safini-yi Irfan volume 12. read online  
سوابق و مظامین لوح عمّه   e The Background and Contents of the Tablet of the Aunt (Lawh-i-`Ammih) Ala Ghods-Jourabchi فارسی - Safini8  
سخنی در بارۀ لوح قناع   e A Word About Bahá’u’lláh’s Tablet of the Veil Ala Ghods-Jourabchi فارسی - Safini12 read online  
سخنی در بارة لوح ملاّّ عبدالرزاق   e A review of Bahá’u’lláh’s Tablet to Mulla `Abdu’r-Razzáq Alá Ghods-Jourabchi فارسی 59 Safini11 read online