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There are 2 papers by Grolin

TitleTitle translationAuthor 1Author 2LanguageSessionPublishedAbstractonline
History of the Concept of Religion, The: Its Effect on Discourses Pertaining to the Bahá'í Faith Daniel Grolin English 132 The current concept of religion imposes itself in a way that impedes the way in which the Baha'i religion can present itself in the discourses of the West and places where its discourses dominate. This paper presents Foucault's idea of effective history, and then uses the methodology to explore the history of the concept of "Religion". The paper c...  
Text, Context and Intertext: Challenge and Promises of Computer-aided Research Daniel Grolin English 138 This paper proposes to view the work of the exegete primarily as one of determining referencing within various levels of the text, namely its context, the environment of the text, and the appearance of intertext in which subsets of the text refers to other. With this view in mind a number of challenges and promises are discussed, exploring the vari...