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There are 8 papers by Lawson

TitleTitle translationAuthor 1Author 2LanguageSessionPublishedAbstractonline
Analytical Study of the Covenant in the Lawh-i-Ahmad (Arabic), An Todd Lawson English 18 The Tablet of Ahmad is identified as one of the more powerful of Baha'u'llah's Writings. I would like to explore the nature of this power through a close examination of the vocabulary and style of the text. The starting point for this discussion will be a discussion of words which are directly connected with divine authority. In the process we will...  
Apocalyptic and the Bahá'í Writings Todd Lawson English 76  
Báb's Epistle on the Spiritual Journey towards God, The Todd Lawson English 30 Lights3 One of the earliest, if not the earliest, extant compositions of the Bab is a brief discussion of the mystic quest, entitled Risala fi's-Sulúk. This work is extremely important for the light it sheds on the Bab's relationship to the Shaykhi movement and to Siyyid Kazim in particular. It was written well before two other early works (Tafsir s... read online  
Dangers of Reading, The: Inlibration, Communion and Transference in the Qur'án Commentary of the Báb Todd Lawson English - Scripture read online  
Long Obligatory Prayer, The: The Mystical Dimension Todd Lawson English 83 Prayer and fasting have a long history in the religious life of humanity. The focus of this talk is prayer in general and specifically the Long Obligatory Prayer revealed by Baha'u'llah. An attempt will be made to put into historical and symbolic context the various postures and body movements associated with the prayer. Attention will also be g...  
Role of "the Feminine" in the Writings of the Bab, The Todd Lawson English 44  
Seeing Double: The Covenant and the Tablet of Ahmad Todd B. Lawson English - Religions  
Tafsír Súratu'l-Asr of the Bab, The Todd Lawson English 1