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Hidden Words as andarz literature, The Sivan Lerer English 138 The andarz literature is a type of wisdom literature which was used in Iran since before the Islamic conquest. Its traces can be found in prominent Iranian works, for example, the Shh nma, as well as in the more distant Arabic literature. This paper examines the various types of andarz literature throughout the ages, from its early beginnings to ...  
Historical and Cultural Motifs in Baha'u'llah's Tablet to Nasir al-Din Shah Sivan Lerer English 132 This tablet is the longest amongst Baha' Allah's tablets which are addressed to kings and rulers. Although the tablet was composed in Edirne, it was revealed to the public during Baha' Allah's stay in Akko, in 1869. The tablet is addressed to Nasir al-Din Shah, the fourth ruler of the Qajar dynasty, who reigned between the years 1848-1896. In A...