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There are 41 papers by Rafati

TitleTitle translationAuthor 1Author 2LanguageSessionPublishedAbstractonline
Abdu'l-Baha's Commentaries on the Qur'an Vahid Rafati English 104 In Islamic civilization, no books can be found with more influence and vitality than the Quran. The book that has been the source of everything in that civilization. The book that has fascinated thousands of believers throughout the centuries. The book that has been the main source of knowledge, understanding, and inspiration for Islamic philosophe...  
Attributes of God: Jamal (Beauty) and Kamal (Perfection) Vahid Rafati English 65  
Bahá'u'lláh's Tablet to Manekji Sahib Vahid Rafati English 65 Also presented in Persian.  
Connection and Disconnection between Bahá'í Faith and Enlightenment Philosophy in Islam Vahid Rafati English 111 One of the most significant and influential philosophical schools in Islamic world that developed in Iranian culture in the twelfth century is the Illumination School of Suhravardi. Shihabud'din Suhravardi (1155-1191), known in the history of Islamic philosophy as Shaykh-i Ishraq (Master of Illumination), and Shaykh-i Maqtul (the Murdered Shaykh...  
Fabrics and Garments in the Bahá'í Writings Vahid Rafati English 138 In the Súriy-i-Qalam (Surih of the Pen), Baha'u'llah writes: "Adorn, then, your souls with the silken vesture of certitude and your bodies with the broidered robe of the All-Merciful"". In another Surih, which is entitled the "Súriy-i-Qamis" (Surih of the Shirt), one reads that, " the forms of things became adorned in the garments of names""...  
Financial Enterprises of the Early Eastern Bahá'ís Vahid Rafati English 138 The financial and economic history of the Eastern Baha'is, and the ways through which the financial needs of their communities were met, is a key research area in the wider history of Baha'i development. The emergence of historical documents, family papers, and governmental archives are important sources that can facilitate such study. No le...  
Interpretations of Holy Texts Provided in Some Answered Questions: An Analytical Review Vahid Rafati English 93 In the Writings of the Exalted Bab and in the Books and Tablets of the Blessed Beauty and `Abdu'l-Baha, the interpretations and elucidations of the Holy texts of the past as well as explanations of, and commentary about, numerous Islamic traditions have a special place of importance. In fact dozens of texts issued from the pens of the Central Figu...  
Myths and Symbolism in the Bahá'í Writings: The Case of Joseph Vahid Rafati English 138 The Baha'i Writings contain vast numbers of mythical, allegorical, and symbolic expressions. These enrich Baha'i literature and connect the writings of the Faith to the religious and literary heritage of humankind. Their purpose is to convey tangible realities as immaterial qualities. Thus for example the Wolf stands for bloodshed and cruelty, wh...  
Philosophical concepts in the Talks of `Abdu'l-Bahá Vahid Rafati English 104  
Prayers and Tablets of Visitation Revealed by Bahá'u'lláh Vahid Rafati English 97  
Qa??im-Maqa?m Fara?ha?ni? in the Baha??i? Writings Vahid Rafati English - Lights20 A comprehensive survey of references to the Qa?im-Maqa?m, prime minister of Iran under Muhammad Sha?h, in the Writings of Baha?ulla?h and Abdul-Baha?. read online  
Qur'anic Commentaries in the Bahá'í Writings Vahid Rafati English 69  
Religious Clergy in the Baha'i Writings Vahid Rafati English 146 From the beginning of the Bab's ministry in 1844 and up to the present, the Babi Movement and then the Baha'i Faith have faced the opposition of the Shi'i clergy. The bloodiest and most tragic events in Babi/Baha'i history have often been the result of the enmity held, and sentences issued, by the religious leadership of that branch of Islam. It s...  
review of Baha'u'lláh's Tablet to Hertick, A Vahid Rafati English 76  
Review of the Tablets of Baha'u'lláh Addressed to Hand of the Cause Ibn Abhar, A Vahid Rafati English 125 See also A Review of the Writings of `Abdu'l-Baha addressed to Hand of the Cause Ibn Abhar.  
Review of the Writings of `Abdu'l-Bahá addressed to Hand of the Cause Ibn Abhar, A Vahid Rafati English 125 See also A Review of the Tablets of Baha'u'llah addressed to Hand of the Cause Ibn Abhar.  
Situation of Iran in the 19th Century as Reflected in the Baha'i Writings, The Vahid Rafati English 146 Taking into account the length of time and variety of events in 19th century Iran on the one hand, and on the other hand the vast amount of Baha'i writings which reflect the situation of Iran and Iranians, requires that we limit our study by focussing on the key events over this period. Broadly speaking, the major issues in Iran during the 19th ...  
Tablets of Bahá'u'lláh Revealed in Honor of Hand of the Cause Jináb-i-Ibn-i-Abhar Vahid Rafati English 111 Approximately thirty Tablets revealed by Baha'u'llah in honour of Ibn-i-Abhar, a Hand of the Cause of God, have so far been identified. These range in length from as little as four lines to fifteen pages. While most of the longer Tablets were revealed by Baha'u'llah under the signature of Mirza Aqa Jan, the shorter ones are written by Baha'u'llah H...  
Translation of the Baha'i Writings: Challenges and Opportunities Vahid Rafati English 62  
يك نامه تاريخی از جناب محب السلطان A historic letter from Muhibu’s-Sultán Vahid Rafati فارسی - Safini11 read online  
فقدان صادقيان Enayat Sadeghian Vahid Rafati فارسی - Safini11 read online  
پاسخی به چند پرسش: نامهای از جناب آقا شیخ محمّد علی نبیلاکبر Answers to some questions: A letter from Mr. Shaykh Muhammad Ali Nabil-i-Akbar Vahid Rafati فارسی - Safini6  
لوح حضرت بهاءالله به مانکجی صاحب Bahá'u'lláh's Tablet to Manekji Sahib Vahid Rafati فارسی 64 Also presented in English.  
نکاتی از گنج شایگان Notes from Ganj-i Shayegan Vahid Rafati فارسی - Safini3  
نظری بر لوح قناع Comments on the Lawh-i-Ghena Vahid Rafati فارسی - Safini4  
"مآخذ چند حدیث در کتاب "بیان فارسی Background Sources of some of the ahadith quoted in the Persian Bayán Vahid Rafati فارسی - Safini10 read online  
مباحث ایّام ادرنه ملاحظاتی در لوح نازله به اعزاز ملاّ عبدالرّحیم Vahid Rafati فارسی - Safini3  
"مجموعهای از آثار مبارکه در بارۀ "بسیط الحقیقه" راهنمائی برای مطالعۀ "بسیط الحقیقه Vahid Rafati فارسی - Safini5  
مروری بر سورهٔ غصن A Review of Sáriy-i-Ghusn Vahid Rafati فارسی - Safini8  
مراتب سبعه و حدیث مشیّت Vahid Rafati فارسی - Safini1  
مسمط مسعود قزوينی A poem by Masood Qazvini Vahid Rafati فارسی - Safini11 read online  
Ziyarat and the Tablets of Visitation Vahid Rafati English 97 Ziyarat, in its typical usage in the Arabic and Persian languages, means "to visit." As a matter of religious terminology, the term refers specifically to the act of visiting a holy person or holy site with the intention of paying respect, asking for forgiveness, and praying for the fulfillment of wishes. It is for these purposes that there are...  
آثار منزله از قلم اعلی در ایران: قصیدۀ رشخ عما Vahid Rafati فارسی - Safini2  
از مسکن خاکی: مآخذ مطالب منقول در هفت وادی Vahid Rafati فارسی - Safini2  
تنظیم و تدوین: الف —از آثار عبدالحمید اشراق خاوری بخش دوم Vahid Rafati فارسی - Safini4 آقا محمد باقر نراقی (میرزا ابراهیم منیر دیوان (آذر منیر ابناءالسبیل See also Part Three.  
تنظیم و تدوین: الف —از آثار عبدالحمید اشراق خاوری بخش سوم Vahid Rafati فارسی - Safini5 آقا میرزا علی اکبر رسنجانی ابن نبیل ابن سمندر و نبیل ابن نبیل (انان (در کلمات ردوسیه اهل قا و حاجی ابراهیم قزوینی See also Part Two....  
تشریع و تبیین Divine Legislation and Authorized Interpretation Vahid Rafati فارسی - Safini7  
حروف اختصاری در آثار مباركهٔ بهائی Disconnected letters in the Writings Vahid Rafati فارسی - Safini11 read online  
سيری در آثار مباركه بهائی Reflections on Some Bahá'í Writings Vahid Rafati فارسی - Safini9 read online  
سلیم قبعین و کتاب Documents: Salim Qub`áyn and his book Vahid Rafati فارسی - Safini7  
صفات خدا: جمال و کمال Attributes of God: Jamal and Kamal Vahid Rafati فارسی 64