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There are 3 papers by Schrager

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Book of Proverbs meets the Hidden Words: Some preliminary notes Ami Schrager English 104 Both the book of Proverbs (Mishley) and the Hidden Words (Kalimat-i Maknúnah) contain short lyrical verses that are to be considered as personal guidelines for human life. The book of Proverbs is to be found in the Bible between Psalms and the book of Job. Together with the Song of Songs and Ecclesiastes (Qohelet) these five books contain a ...  
Evolution of Epitaphs: from Islamic Inscriptions to Bahá'í Scripts Ami Schrager English 89 The idea behind this paper is to bring together my two major interests of studying: Arabic Epigraphy and the Baha'i Faith. These two fascinating subjects come across at Epitaphs. Epitaphs in any religion has there owns unique language. In the sphere of Islam, epitaphs usually consist of three major parts: the invocation to God (Basmalah) then a...  
From the cave to the Khanqah: Baha'u'llah in Kurdistan, a reconsideration Ami Schrager English 146 After spending a meaningful period in the caves of Sargalu mountains in Kurdistan, Bahʾu'llh decided to end his solitude and return to society. This crucial transition has few versions which describes how Bahʾu'llh transformed from an unknown Darwīsh to a famous Shaykh. This presentation will re-examine the different versions of the accoun...