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There are 6 papers by Majd

TitleTitle translationAuthor 1Author 2LanguageSessionPublishedAbstractonline
New Approach to Proof of God and Soul Based on Bahá'í Writings, A Farjam Majd English 116 Lights15 Probably the most ancient and fundamental question of all times on the individual and the collective mind is: "Is there a God?" The answer to this question has profound implications, and indeed direct impact on the life of mankind and how it looks upon the very meaning and purpose of life. It can change what we strive for, how we look at oursel... read online  
On the Existence and Qualities of Human Soul Farjam Majd English 123 Lights16 In comparing animals and humans, or as put more modernly, comparing humans with other animals, the questions of the existence, nature, and necessity of a human soul often come up. The question of existence of the human soul may be explored from different perspectives. For example, this question may be posed as "is there a human soul?" If so, wh... read online  
Role of Principles in the Bahá'í Faith: Principles and Fashion Farjam Majd English 109 Lights14 Are moral laws and values relative or absolute? Is living according to long-established moral values old-fashioned? How did past religions fall into ritualistic imitations? Should we be more conservative or progressive? And more generally, what do we believe in? Why do we believe in it? Should our beliefs change over time? To explore these que... read online  
Role of the Bahá'í Faith in a World Government Farjam Majd English -  
Role of the Bahá'í Faith in a World Government Farjam Majd English 137 Right answers can only follow the right questions. Anything else would be an exercise in word games. Hence, the process of finding answers starts with defining the issues that characterize the question. This paper is more about defining and characterizing the question of world government, what it means, what its boundaries are, who its players a...  
Universal Masculine and Feminine, The Farzam Majd English 130 Why did God create man first? Because She wanted to start with something simple. Just because something sounds funny, doesn't mean it is not true. But the concepts of masculinity and femininity are not just related to men and women. Rather men and women are particular instances of these concepts. This latter statement has many important implicat...