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Art of Rhetoric in the Writings of Shoghi Effendi   e Jack McLean English 60 Lights8 Shoghi Effendi's use of rhetoric, demonstrated mainly through epistolary, and also through table talks to pilgrims (1922-1957), corresponds to the ancient purpose of this "great prince" (Longinus) as speech/writing that aims to persuade and to move to action. Since the time of its inception in the West, with the Sophists in the fifth century BCE, d... read online  
Correlating Mystical Experience to the Knowledge of God   e Jack McLean English 30 In the dual perspective of philosophical theology and the psychology of religion, this paper makes the argument that mystical experience and theology ("the knowledge of God") are not two distinct and unrelated forms of activity, but rather expressions of one manifold. Experience in circuitous fashion, inform and depend upon one other. This process ... read online  
Dangers of Silence and the Practice of Responsible Apologetics, The   e Jack McLean English 18 Until the publication of "Des information als Methode" ("Disinformation as Method") (1995) by Udo Schaefer, Nicola Towfiqh and Ulrich Gollmer, the monograph of Baha'i and "covenant breaker" Frederico Ficicchia's German language edition of The Baha'i Faith — Religion of the Future? History, Teachings and Organisation, A Critical Inquiry (1981),...  
Import of Shoghi Effendi's Writings for Bahá'i Studies, The   e Jack A. McLean English 54 This paper assesses the importance of Shoghi Effendi Studies for the developing field of Baha'i Studies. It argues that the English-language writings of Shoghi Effendi Rabbani (1897-1957). the former head and Guardian of the Baha'i Faith (1922-1957). have suffered a benign neglect that needs to be remedied by the present generation of Baha'i schola...  
Parable of Majnun and Layli, The   e Jack McLean English 36 The story of Layli (Layla) and Majnun is the classic love tale of the Middle East which is also prized by Sufi mystics as a profound spiritual allegory of the soul's search for and ultimate union with God. The Persian poet Nizami collected a number of folk versions of this originally Bedouin tale from the North Arabic tribe of Amir in western Saudi... read online  
Presence of the Heroic in the Writings of Shoghi Effendi and Nabil, The   e Jack McLean English 72 In his main historical works, God Passes By and The Promised Day Is Come, and unlike detached, "objective" academic histories, Shoghi Effendi made strong moral judgments of the characters he portrayed. Those who opposed the Baha'i Faith and persecuted its founders are strongly condemned. Kings, prime ministers, courtiers, state officials and cleric... read online  
Proactive Baha'i Theology: Shoghi Effendi's Dispensation of Baha'u'llah   e Jack McLean English 79 Lights9 read online  
Style in the Writings of Shoghi Effendi, The   e Jack McLean English 60