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There are 11 papers by Zaerpoor-Rahnamaie

TitleTitle translationAuthor 1Author 2LanguageSessionPublishedAbstractonline
Baha'i View on the "New Atheism" and its "Moral Landscape," A Mahyad Zaerpoor-Rahnamaie English 102 The new century has witnessed an unprecedented surge of technological advances leading to new neurological studies that have opened uncharted frontiers in the study of the brain and its functions. Armed with such findings, Neurologists/biologists/philosophers/social commentators such as Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins and others have intensified new d...  
Bridging between the gist of the epistemology of the Baha'i Faith and "Minimalism" Mahyad Zaerpoor-Rahnamaie English 60 The concepts of truth/reality in philosophy are closely related to the question of viable ways to obtain the knowledge of such concepts, with any degree of certainty. In this brief discussion, there will be an attempt to contrast the two dominant schools of thought in the twentieth century: scientific positivism / absolute objectivism on one hand ...  
Conflict Transformation: A Case Study of the Universal House of Justice Messages to the Bahá'ís in Iran Mahyad Zaerpoor-Rahnamaie English 116 In the Old Testament, the history of conflict is as old as human history, starting from the Genesis. This talk comprises of two parts: it will first cover the gradual developments of how humans have been dealing with conflicts both on interpersonal and community levels. There are at least five distinct but overlapping stages of facing conflicts. ...  
Hidden Words and Bahá'í Political Philosophy Mahyad Zaerpoor-Rahnamaie English 95  
Lawh-i-Ahmad in Persian: A Question of Faith and Volition Mahyad Zaerpoor-Rahnamaie English 32 This majestic Tablet in Persian was revealed in Adrianople as an exhortation to Haji Mirza Ahmad of Kashan, a half brother of Haji Mirza Jani and Haji Muhammad Isma'il (Dhabih). Deeper delving into this Tablet strengthens my understanding that having faith in the Manifestations of God is more an act of volition than a heavenly bounty. Considering t...  
Lawh-i-Ittihád (Tablet of Unity) Mahyad Zaerpoor-Rahnamaie English 40 This Tablet was revealed in the later years of Akka period by Baha'u'llah in honor of Siyyid Asadu'llah, from the city of Rasht. In this Tablet five levels or aspects of unity are described: unity of religion, unity of speech, unity of deeds, unity of the station of the believers, and unity of earthly possessions. In addition to expounding on the ...  
Mathematical Model to Investigate Non-Material Realities, A Mahyad Zaerpoor-Rahnamaie English 88 The Baha'i Faith is the first major religion that encourages its followers to seriously and deliberately make a good use of the human rational and intellectual powers to get a more profound understanding of the multi-layered language of the sacred texts. It supports the idea that there has always been an essential and reciprocal relationship betw...  
Minimalism and the Bahá'í Faith Mahyad Zaerpoor-Rahnamaie English 89 Lights8 Following the last year introduction to the basic tenets of the Baha'i epistemology at Irfan colloquium, we continue our discussion of minimalism and its relevance to the Baha'i Faith. In its restricted domain, minimalism stands for an epistemological system in which, on one side, it is in agreement with many of the principles of scientific obje... read online  
Minimalism and the Baha'i Faith: Part II Mahyad Zaerpoor-Rahnamaie English 67  
فلسفه مينيماليسم و امر بهايی Minimalism and the Baha'i Faith Mahyad Zaerpoor-Rahnamaie فارسی 66 Also presented in English.  
پسامدرنیزم و امر بهائی Post-Modernism and the Baha'i Faith Mahyad Zaerpoor-Rahnamaie فارسی 73